Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry Maple Pecan Plaits

Indulge at home with our ready to bake Maple Pecan Plaits

Maple Pecan Plait Danish Pastries

Introducing Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry – recognized around the world for its light, crispy texture, and amazing taste. Our passion for quality and authentic craftsmanship is deeply rooted in our history, which dates back to 1880 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Today our delicious pastries are available frozen, so you can have a European café experience at home in minutes. Nothing is better than a freshly baked Schulstad pastry and our Maple Pecan Plait is the most famous! Crafted with 24 delicate woven layers of pastry encasing a deliciously sweet maple filling, we take pride in using fresh cage-free eggs, real North American maple syrup and buttery, pecans from an Arizona family-owned farm. 

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Top Quality Pecans Sourced from Family-Owned Farm in Arizona

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Ready to Bake European Inspired Danish Pastries

Passionately baking since 1880, Schulstad Bakery Solutions is a brand that stands proudly upon its heritage and expertise, while embracing the most modern baking techniques. Our dedicated bakers combine over a century of baking experience and knowledge of tradition to develop delicious pastries with superior taste, aroma and structure.

Our Schulstad Royal Danish Pastries are pre-proofed, pre-glazed and ready to bake for your convenience. When you're ready for a snack break, remove our Danish Pastries from the freezer and get ready to bake. Bake our pastries to a deep golden-brown color in an oven or air fryer in minutes and top with a drizzle of maple syrup glaze. Let cool and enjoy - the Scandinavian way!