About Schulstad Bakery Solutions

Premium European and Danish Pastries

With our 150 year history of creating the finest baked goods, Schulstad Bakery Solutions is a brand that stands proudly upon its heritage and expertise, while embracing the most modern baking techniques.

We supply our partners with innovative bakery solutions which enable operators to provide their customers with delicious, high quality and memorable meal times. 

Our product range includes freezer-to-oven croissants and Danish pastries as well as fully-baked Danish pastries.

Learn more about our founder, Viggo Schulstad who took an opportunity and a passion for baking to create a legacy rich in tradion and quality.


We pride ourselves in fulfilling his legacy to create premium European pastries that delight customers around the world.

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Focus on sustainability

“One of the plantations in particular is doing a lot of sustainability work. Solar panels are being installed to meet energy needs; sprinkler systems installed to reduce water consumption; and natural fertiliser is being produced from nuts shells and husk,” Kevin reports.

New machinery installed within the pecan factories has also reduced the need for manual labor, improving staff working conditions and stepping up quality and food safety control.

“Both the plantations visited have all the accreditation we require. We know the trees are grown and looked after very well, so consumers get a very good pecan.”

Sustainable News

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