Bringing Joy To People's Everyday Lives With Tasty Bakery Products

Business Channel Solutions

Full Service Restaurants

Schulstad USA is the leading supplier for ready-to-bake European inspired pastries and croissants to full-service restaurants in the USA. We bring joy to people's everyday lives with tasty bakery products for moments throughout the day.

Business & Industry

Employee dining should be inviting, fresh and tasty while being financially viable and easy to prepare. We know that these ingredients don’t always mix, and we are therefore committed to improving the eating experience for your customers with our pastry solutions.


To many guests, staying at a hotel is associated with quality, and excellent service, regardless of whether it is for personal or business travel. Start the day the right way with premium and high quality Schulstad pastry indulgences.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

With limited time and labor, our pastry solution allows you to offer gourmet pastries and croissants with ease and convenience. We are committed to bringing joy to people's everyday lives with our tasty baked products.

Limited Service Restaurants

We all love tasty and convenient food solutions, but we know what it takes to make it. Let us help you stay one step ahead of consumer needs and preferences with our high quality bakery products that are pre-proofed, pre-glazed and ready-to-bake.

Convenience Stores

With our premium product assortment, we help customers improve their food quality and increase sales while keeping demands on labor low. Our freezer-to-oven pastries create the aroma of a real bakery with minimum effort from operators.

In-Store Bakery

Convenience should be part of the purchase experience without having to compromise on taste and quality. We can help you create an experience that exceeds shopper expectations. We offer a wide selection of bake-off products that create a genuine bakery atmosphere with freshly-baked aroma.


Consumer demand for on-the-go meal solutions that balance the need for convenience and the desire to have a tasty, quality meal is increasing for the travel & leisure segment. Schulstad USA is your trusted partner when it comes to high quality bakery solutions with convenience in mind.

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