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Save time, waste, and energy: All of our pastries come pre-proofed and pre-glazed. No preparation required.

Ready-to-Bake: Our ready-to-bake products are freezer-to-oven to make preparation easy. You can also bake throughout the day for maximum freshness.

Premium pastries: With twenty-four layers of authentic European dough, our pastries have a crispiness, volume, and flakiness that keeps guests returning for more. You can serve premium pastries that will beat local products in price and taste.

Labor-saving solutions: Serve patisserie quality pastries without a pastry chef with our freezer-to-oven Danish pastries and thaw-and-bake French croissants.

Reliability and transparency: We deliver constantly and offer high-quality and safe products that not only ensure taste and satisfaction but also guarantee food safety, transparency, and reliability. Through consistency and traceability, we are able to offer you the best-selling freezer-to-oven products in the US.

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As a premier pastry supplier, we offer a unique range of European inspired gourmet pastries and croissants that are ready to bake! Discover our delicious offerings.

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Whether you're serving our pastries for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or dessert, there are endless possibilities with our patisserie-quality products. Let us help inspire you!

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Schulstad brings joy to American homes with frozen, ready-to-bake Royal Danish Pastries. Experience the same delicious taste and easy baking adored by foodservice operators nationwide. Renowned for its ease of preparation and incredible flaky texture, Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry ensures a win-win for both retailers and shoppers. Get ready to savor the joy of homemade goodness quickly and conveniently in the kitchen - it's a treat for everyone!


Schulstad Royal Danish Pastries

  • Bake at Home Maple Pecan Plait
  • Bake at Home Apple Crown
  • Bake at Home Cinnamon Swirl



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