New-stalgia: Where Familiar Meets Fresh



From Pastry to Present

Flaky, moist and warm, Schulstad pastries are what memories are made of. With freezer-to-oven ease and delicious flavors like Strawberry Shortcake and Cinnamon Swirl Danish, they’re also made for the latest trends.

Drawing inspiration from the past while seamlessly integrating modern conveniences has become a trendThis blending of old and new has given rise to a phenomenon termed "new-stalgia," as identified by Datassentials. It's not merely about satisfying cravings; "it's a charming revival of beloved childhood tastes, wrapped in the comfort of memory and tradition.”  

Schulstad pastries offer an element of familiarity, delivering on the feelings of warmth and comfort consumers seek within this trend. For the operator, they serve as a low-labor solution that can be endlessly enhanced or reimagined. 

of consumers want to experience familiar flavors in new formats

of consumers likes to try food with different textures

of consumers likes to try food in new formats

still treats themselves and their family with sweet baked goods, even on a budget

On the menu, new-stalgia looks a lot like the Schulstad Cinnamon Crunch Swirl recipe.  Starting with a Large Cinnamon Swirl Danish Pastry, a layer of whipped cream cheese frosting topped with Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal (or any beloved childhood cereal) creates a fun and unexpected modern twist.

From Cherry Chocolate to Lemon Cheesecake, the Schulstad Mini Signature Selection features five unique varieties of authentic European Danish that can be served as-is or with a twist of new-stalgia. Their mini size makes the indulgence an even easier “yes” while the 24 delicate layers of rich, flaky pastry makes them unforgettable.

Experience the effortless creation of a European bakery atmosphere with Premium Schulstad pastries, and explore their delectable versatility in complementing today's culinary trends.

*Sources: Datassential Consumer Report, 2023 & Puratos Taste Tomorrow Consumer Insights Report, Sept 2023

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