Our Three-Point Strategy

The challenge posed by climate change is serious and growing – and the way food is cultivated, produced, and consumed has a substantial impact on our environment.

We share the responsibility with the rest of the world to act on global warming and sustainability comes naturally to us, being part of an agricultural cooperative owned by Scandinavian farmers.

As a global food company, we have behaved responsibly and achieved good results. Now, with the climate crisis top of mind, it is time to step up and do more. 

To make a tangible, lasting difference, we need to embrace a broad spectrum of initiatives, plans and targets.  

Our comprehensive strategy will not only help us play our part in sustainability, it will also give us a golden opportunity to use our unique strengths to positively affect the environment, health, and human potential, in every country we serve.


We take Global warming very seriously, and we believe that it is crucial to take action. Starting now, we will reduce our CO2e emissions, from field to fork, to achieve CO2e net zero no later than 2050.


We must maximize the nutrients in our products to positively impact public health and respect the CO2e impact of producing our products. We must double our volume of healthier products by 2030.


We must amplify our efforts to remain an attractive employer and maintain a reputation for creating a safe working environment that welcomes all colleagues. We offer opportunities for all to thrive without prejudice or bias.


Our customers and consumers should feel confident that we have knowledge and control over the entire business and that we are doing everything we can to minimize the negative impact on people, the environment and natural resources.

Our strategy has a triple focus and rests on strong fundamentals of corporate responsibility.

To be a responsible business we must build on strong ethics and operate with integrity. We work to generate trust as an ethical and sustainable business: to inspire our customers, collaborate with our suppliers and encourage consumers to make changes that all help in the shift toward more regenerative food systems. Our stakeholders should feel confident that we have knowledge and control throughout the entire business and that we are doing what we can to minimize negative impact on people and planet. 

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