Our Sustainable Commitments

Meaningful. Concrete. Urgent.

The importance of a sustainable mindset is growing, day by day as global warming is already affecting our climate and is having an increasing impact on our planet.

When customers choose us, they choose a more responsible way of doing business. Sustainability is in our DNA, from the way we source and bake ingredients to how we ensure food safety, transparency, consistency, and traceability.

Our Sustainable Commitments

  1. Waste reduction at all levels: For example, minimising production waste to improving shelf-life.
  2. Improving energy efficiency: From reusing heat from our ovens to installing LED lighting and increasing use of hydroelectric power.
  3. Sustainable source: policies, procedures and systems to ensure that we obtain our ingredients from a sustainable source. This includes everything from the RSPO- certified palm oil in our margarine and butter blends.
  4. Reinvesting profits in the future of food: For instance, by investing in research aimed at keeping bread and pastry products fresher for longer after baking.

Bakeries Owned By Farmers!

We are part of Lantmännen family and our owners are farmers.
They know all there is to know about grains.

Seriously. What better owners can a bakery wish for than farmers? It’s just perfect! Because together our bakers and owners - the founding fathers of Lantma╠łnnen - share and combine their knowledge and practices regarding the selection and control of raw materials. From seed to harvest. From grain to flour. Literally from field to fork.


Together We Take Responsibility From Field to Fork