More Opportunities to Delight

It’s true. Schulstad® pastries are a breakfast staple. But with ready-to-bake ease, fresh-baked aroma, and European bakery-style appeal, our full line of pastries helps you offer delight all day long.


Featured Schulstad® Pastries

Bake and serve as-is or customize with your own additions. With a full line of gourmet pastries and croissants, there’s something delicious for everyone.

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Lemon Meringue 4 New

Sicilian Lemon Meringue Danish Square

3.2 oz
225396 Cream Cheese Crown - Icing New

Cream Cheese Crown

3.5 oz
225207 Apple Cinnamon Fan New

Apple Cinnamon Fan

3.1 oz
80531 Mini Assort - web style square

Mini Danish Selection

1.6 oz

Make Every Morning Golden

Breakfast can be anything: grab-and-go, a coffee complement, or a hearty breakfast sandwich. When it comes to A.M. opportunities, don’t skip breakfast.

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Create Midday Amazement

From a quick bite to a sit-down lunch or onsite catering occasion, Schulstad® pastries make it memorable with bakery-style sandwiches or a sweet finish.

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Delight Your Guests at Dinner

Discover the delightful possibilities of dinner through an assortment of pastries, showcasing varied sizes, distinctive shapes, and gourmet flavors that can be adapted into appetizers, sides, or desserts.

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Elevate the Everyday Snack

Uncover the secret to next-level snacking. See how pastries create fresh, bakery aromas all day to entice guests and turn snack time into a moment.

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Become an All-Day Artisan