European Fully-Baked Pastries

No proofing, no oven, no problem!

Elevate Your Guest Experience with Ease

  • Pre-proofed, pre-baked, and iced to perfection
  • Small tray sizes for easy storage and portion control
  • Thaw as needed for cost savings
  • 24 layers of pastry dough for authentic European volumbe and flakiness

Greater Pastry Simplicity

Our new Fully-Baked Danish pastries use the same recipe and authentic quality as our Ready-to-Bake Danish pastries, but no even required. In just a few minutes, you can create a decadent pastry buffet your customers will come back for again and again. Serve all day as an indulgent breakfast, a tasty afternoon snack, or post-dinner dessert. It's never been easier or more convenient to deliver an unforgettable pastry experience.

Winner of CStore Decisions' 2021 Hot New Products Award

Our European Fully-Baked Danish was given CStore Decisions' 2021 Hot New Products Bronze Award in Bakery. With thousands of products and services launched in convenience stores every eyar, CStore Decisions helps determine those that stand out. Awards were determined by an expert panel of retailers and products were judged on innovation, packaging, and likeliness to implement in stores.

Thaw, Serve, Repeat.

For decades, pastry perfectionists have indulged in Schulstad Ready-to-Bake Danish and Croissants. Today, there's an even more convenient way to serve them.


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