Bake at Home

Offer your shoppers convenience and premium quality with Bake at Home Royal Danish Pastries!

Introducing Schulstad Royal Danish Pastries to American homes!

Schulstad, trusted by foodservice operators nationwide, now offers its freezer-to-oven Danish pastry to American homes. With its unparalleled taste and easy preparation, Schulstad Royal Danish Pastry benefits both retailers and shoppers. Our premium speed-scratch solution fills a gap in the underdeveloped baked goods category, offering a traditional European recipe with layered dough for a crispy, flaky, and light experience. For consumers seeking authentic European indulgence with convenience, our pastries are ideal for baking in a home oven or air fryer. Expand your offerings and transform your freezer into a destination for quality, convenience, and the joy of homemade pastries. Join us in making every day extraordinary for your shoppers with Schulstad Royal Danish Pastries!

Maple Pecan Plaits

Apple Crowns

Cinnamon Swirls

Savor the Ease

Ready in 16 Minutes with Air Fryer

Bringing Joy Home

Seize the moment in the thriving frozen breakfast market! With a 27.4% sales boost in the last two years*, it's the perfect time to introduce our Bake at Home products to your customers. Tailored for today's trends, they offer an authentic European experience—delicious, joyful, and convenient!

By incorporating the Bake at Home range into your offerings, you're not just providing a product; you're also creating an experience. Your store becomes a destination for those seeking not only exceptional taste but also the joy of recreating European-inspired pastries in the comfort of their homes. It's an invitation for your customers to savor the joy of baking, whether for a cozy snack, a relaxed family weekend, or a delightful gathering with friends.


*Source: Supermarket News, American Frozen Food Institute and FMI, the Food Industry Association‚Äč

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