Indulge Your Guests with the Best

The most important aspect of hospitality is keeping the guest happy and wanting to come back for more. And no stay would be complete without a decadent breakfast in the morning. With Schulstad's ready-to-bake pastries, you can serve an indulgent treat your guests will remember for the rest of their travels.

Since 1880, Schulstad's master bakers have devoted themselves to creating the best pastries on the market. Our ready-to-bake products take almost all the work out of offering freshly baked, premium pastries that your guests will love.

We craft. You bake. They delight.

  • Save time, waste and energy: All of our pastries come pre-proofed and pre-glazed. No prepration required.
  • Ready-to-Bake: Our ready-to-bake products are freezer-to-oven to make preparation easy. You can also bake throughout the day for maximum freshness.
  • Premium pastries: With twenty-four layers of authentic European dough, our pastries have a crispiness, volume, and flakiness that keeps guests coming back for more. You can serve premium pastries that will beat local products in price and taste.

Explore our selection of Ready-to-Bake pastries

21005 - Unibake6430

Dulce de Leche Fan

3 oz
00006095 Apel Crown

Apple Crown

3.5 oz

Chocolate Hazelnut Filled Croissant

3.4 oz
17901000 Croissant curved

Large All-Butter Croissant

3.2 oz

Maple Pecan Plait

3.4 oz

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